The Power of Om.

The Power of Om.

We did a group challenge last week that included meditating daily. The only “challenge” for most of us in this was just to make time for ourselves to sit down and do it. One thing I found on Pinterest (where all things are found of course), was a shower meditation. It goes like this:

SO, on the first day I posted the meditation and did it. It went well… sort of. I mean, I thought about all the negative thoughts being washed away… but my mind was wandering. This isn’t uncommon during a meditation, but I usually opt for guided meditations so when my thoughts begin to drift, I have someone’s voice guiding me back. This was different because the only voice I was hearing was the one in my head, and she sounded like a b*tch.

The next day, I decided to try the shower meditation again and as my mind started to wander I started hearing this critical voice again. In an effort to literally drown her out, I started chanting… Ooom. Hmm, that was kind of cool. Ooooom. Little 3 second blips, barely a breath, but still audible. Then, the inner critic started up again…”What are you doing?” she says. “Good thing Nick is at the gym and baby boy is napping because you sound like an idiot!” OOOOOOOMMMMM… louder this time… snuffing out the nagging voice.

On I went, chanting, listening, criticizing, then more Om’s. I began to draw them out longer and longer. 7 seconds, 10 seconds, Om… and then, silence. No inner critic. No chanting. Just breathing. Feeling the water wash away the last of my shampoo along with the fear, embarrassment, anxiety, swirling down the drain, I felt- clean. 

We cannot focus all our attentions on improving the body without also addressing the mind. We do jumping jacks and burpees, but allow the inner critic to crush us about what’s shaking when we do so. Take a break. Create space for silence, breathing, and maybe even some Om’s. Allowing room for kindness, self-reflection, and love to flow can be just the thing to “clean house” in your mind, whether it’s in- or out- of the shower.


Awesomely, there is a wikihow post on “how to chant Om”, with illustrations. Ha! Check it out here to get technical on sounding crazy in the shower:

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