Success Stories

“I started training with Miwa one on one originally and then started going to the Bikini Boot Camp. Both experiences have been awesome. I’ve not only shed fat and built muscle but I’m stronger, leaner, healthier than I’ve ever been. I’ve never felt better. I’ve dropped 6% body fat, gained lean muscle, and shredded 8.25″ off. Every time I walk in it’s super motivating and I couldn’t be happier!” – Sara Hansen

Success Stories

Beach Girl Coley

"Miwa’s positive attitude while admitting that everyone is human and is occasionally going to fall victim to pizza, make holding yourself accountable to your workouts and eating plan seem realistic. I was in the best shape of my life for my wedding and I’m staying fit and healthy during my pregnancy thanks to her."

Fitocracy member Stacydego

“I was able to get my fitness program back on track with Coach Miwa Fiore. I lost 25 pounds during the time I worked with Miwa and my fitness level has improved tremendously. I can’t say enough about her coaching. Miwa is awesome.”


"Hard to believe it has been 12 weeks since I joined this group. I’m very pleased with the results (15 pounds; 2 inches off from my waist, 2 from my hips and 2 from thighs), but more than that, I’ve really enjoyed the process, including the bootcamp workouts, food suggestions and support. I’ve gained and lost weight a number of times since having children (19 years ago). This time feels different. I am looking forward to the follow-up group."

Jess B.

"Miwa is a fun, down to earth and passionate trainer. She’s there to accept you as you are, fat rolls, donut eating and all, but can kick your butt into great shape if you let her. She’s educated about food choices, can provide you with a great workout, and can demonstrate to you a healthy person- mind, body and soul. Miwa’s clients love her. Miwa is by far the most personable, sweet, and effective trainer I’ve ever imagined to come across."

Fitocracy member concretemama613

“Miwa is such a positive and upbeat person! She is exactly the kind of coach I needed. I was incredibly successful during this sixteen week program in making daily changes in myself. Overall I lost about 15 pounds. My muscle tone has improved significantly, and I feel so much happier and stronger. I wasn’t sure about this program when I first signed up having never done anything online or with a coach, but it was honestly life changing.”

Fitocracy member Anna_F

"I found a source of professional and kind motivation that changed my life. I improved from 26% bodyfat to 22% in just two months. I started working out at 6am every morning (something that I would never ever do before!). Now I’m fit, strong, my abs and arms are in great shape. I have a butt again!! I’m just HAPPY! Coach Miwa is the loveliest, a real expert that created great routines every week that changed my body and mind. Great experience!!"


"The truth is that every person has it in them to do this! To take control of their lives and make changes. You can do it. Coach Miwa and Coach Coley help make that realization happen faster! They are so supportive and encouraging it makes it easy to step up, set your goals, and then CRUSH them! The Bikini Bootcamp group setting works great because you get to be a part of a community. I picked up quickly that everyone is struggling and often struggling in very similar ways. Every week I get to hear their stories and their solutions and getting mine out. it was life changing. The support from everyone makes this an extremely worthwhile investment in YOU! Do it!"

Jenna J.

"I’ve gained so much from the year I’ve worked out with Miwa! Her research-based workouts always keep you on your toes! She targets those places all of us women are concerned about and no two workouts are ever the same. When I started I was struggling to curl a 10 pound weight. Now I’m knocking on 20 pound’s door! My endurance is higher and I actually look forward to my workouts! She’s not just my trainer. Miwa is my coach, my nutritionist, the voice inside my head pushing me, and my friend!"

Iylssa D.

"Thank you to Miwa Fiore for being my coach, motivator and cheerleader. I can honestly say Bikini Boot Camp has changed my life! It also gave me enough confidence to wear a skimpy bikini on my honeymoon."