Ready for 2016?!

Ready for 2016?!

“It’s NEVER too late to begin again.”

I love the new year! There’s so much energy and excitement surrounding the possibility of new beginnings. Everyone can embrace the idea that they have a clean slate for what they want to achieve. If you haven’t set some goals for 2016, the good news is, it’s NEVER too late to start, to change your direction, or set up a new vision for what you want.

Whatever you’re after this year, here are some ways to get focused on getting it.

  1. Take some time to replay the highlight reelWhat did you LOVE about last year? What were the best times? Who were they spent with and what were you doing? What brought you a sense of JOY… Btw, don’t bother with the bloopers and mishaps, unless it’s helping you to get clearer on what you DO want, only look for the best of what life brought you in 2015.
  2. Get a visionWith the best of those memories in mind, what do you want to keep and get more of? Start creating a picture in your mind or even on a vision board or Pinterest board that organizes and highlights those things. If you had a particularly difficult year and are struggling to pull a vision together, just search for things that you want to draw into your experience.
  3. Create a daily practiceGive yourself some time and space to focus on your vision daily. First thing in the morning, create 15 minutes when you can center your mind and write down on a piece of paper what you want to work on today and why. Writing out your reason why can be particularly helpful so that you can see clearly how your actions may or may not fit into your vision for the year. Then, take the page with you to refer back to throughout the day.

It’s amazing how much of a different just these simple steps and daily shift can make. Change can happen overnight, but after coaching hundreds of women, it’s clear to me that creating habits for daily shifts in perspective and focused action is an amazingly effective way to create the lifestyle you want.

Happy 2016! What are you working on this year?

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