Our Story

“We are passionate about providing the tools you need to create the body you want!”

Miwa Fiore

Fitness Coach

I am a coffee loving, mom of two, 98% paleo/2% pizza, completely imperfect human on a MISSION to help women create healthier lifestyles through food and fitness. I’m a certified personal trainer, 200hr yoga instructor, and Precision Nutrition Pn1 nutrition coach with a B.S. in Psychology, but mostly just a person that struggles just like anyone else. I just happen to be obsessed with learning all I can to help the women of the world feel better in their skin and I want to help you create a life you love in a body you’re proud of!

Beach Girl Coley

Asst. Coach

Hey, I’m Coley Walker, Miwa’s sidekick.

I work with Miwa because she is an amazing personal trainer & because I share her passion to positively enable & empower women to meet their health goals.You will see healthy recipes from me & I also love a good pizza. It’s all about balance.

If you are looking for a crew that admits they are not perfect, won’t judge you, & will positively empower you to get where you want to be with your health, you have found your people!

I can honestly say I feel better about my body (well into) my thirties, and after having two kids, than I ever did in my twenties!

It took me struggling through eating disorders earlier in life, gaining and losing 50lbs from each of my pregnancies, and a TON of research into food and fitness, to discover that I could be healthy and fit without spending all my free time working on it.

After working alongside hundreds of women on our fitness goals, I discovered that in order to achieve long lasting results, we had to get over the all-or-nothing mindset in order to get and KEEP the great results we worked so hard for. Through little shifts, swaps, and focused steps, I’ve been able to create a lifestyle I feel great about and a body I’m finally comfortable in. I want to help you do the same thing!


I developed all my programs and guides to show you how to maximize your workout time and make the most impact to your body composition through your food choices. If you want to feel great in your skin and create a lifestyle and body you can be happy with, I want to help you get it done! Download my FREE getting started guide for 20 simple shifts you can start with as soon as you’re ready!

20 Simple Shifts for Lasting Weight Loss!

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