My Miracle Morning

My Miracle Morning

I happened upon “The Miracle Morning” a few months ago… and it quickly has become my GO TO method for starting my day with purpose and a sense of well being. The Miracle Morning is a group of six simple, but meaningful, steps to begin each day. The SAVERS as Hal Elrod coins them are to be done for 6-10 minutes each (depending on how much time you have available) and can be done in any order you choose.

One of the coolest things that happened on my first day of the miracle morning was a random Instagram message from a girl starting her first day and looking for an accountability partner. I happily agreed to be her partner in crime and quickly made a friend on my journey… It’s these little moments of synchronicity that make me feel like I’m on the right path. When I flow with life, life feels easy and peaceful. The Miracle Morning has helped me “get in the flow”. Here are some of my notes on the SAVERS and how I’ve chosen to do them, but any way you decide to get your miracle morning done is well worth the time.

Silent meditation: I listen to guided meditation, mostly for free on youtube, and using the app CALM.

Affirmations: Hal has a formula for creating affirmations that I’ve used to create my own. (I commit to activity in order to achieve result by date). I also created a Pinterest board for affirmations I read when I’m done reading my own.

Visualization: I created a vision board using Pinterest again for this one. I enjoy looking at the pictures and meditating on these images. Instead of simply “browsing” your Pinterest board, take time to engage in the images and the feeling they invoke. Imagine your own experience in these images.

Exercise: I actually do this one last so that I can go longer than 10 minutes when time allows. If I don’t have longer than 10 minutes, I do a yoga sequence or body weight workout.

Reading: I have been reading a few different books, but am currently on “Emergence” another MUST read.

Scribing: I’ve been journaling and although I love hand-writing, I’ve found typing to be more enjoyable so that I can quickly get my thoughts out and save my wrists from carpal tunnel… lol the joys of post-baby life.

I have honestly been reluctant to create routine in my life for a long time because part of me wants to rebel against it and just do what I feel like upon waking. It’s like there’s a part of me that doesn’t want to accept responsibility, because I HAVE so much responsibility. I realize though, that I have all day to make decisions and create, and this “routine” is a gift I give myself to start the day off more centered. I’d love to hear about your miracle mornings- give it a try, you’re going to fall in love!



  • Candice

    September 11, 2016 at 2:06 am

    great blog! you just reminded me I need to look into that book ’emergence’

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