I Cheated: Now What?!

I Cheated: Now What?!

I’m not much of a drinker and never have been, but it’s interesting what you go through on a Whole30. For me, I’ve had an inspiring month of re-evaluating my relationship with food, and overcoming cravings, and drinking my coffee before noon; and black. It’s also been an unusually tough month, and I wanted to drink… so I did.

It’s Whole30, day 14, and I cheated. So, what happened?? Nothing. I don’t mean nothing as in there was no side effects; bloating, nausea, hunger for junk, but otherwise: nothing. No emotional scarring, no feelings of inadequacy or gut wrenching disappointment. I made a decision to drink and I did. Will the benefits of detoxing my diet and eating SUPER clean for two weeks disappear completely? I don’t think so. Will I start eating pizza for breakfast? No. Will my decision to continue on the Whole30 end? Nope. Will I call this my Whole12? HELL NO.

Here’s the deal: I can live with my choices. This doesn’t mean that I think you should cheat on your Whole30, because I don’t think you’ll get the BEST results that way, but if you do, let it go. I mean, you could beat yourself up, and decide that it’s better to give up than have to go another day in imperfection. OR>>> you could get over it and continue on. I know this is SO not in the spirit of the Whole30, but I just want to put it out there because it doesn’t matter what your goal or plan is, if you get off track you have a choice: get back on -or- roll over and hope the train runs over you anyway.

YES, having a hard time is an excuse. Just like there are SO many reasons why we can’t get our fitness together, there are infinite reasons as to why food (and drinks) are impossible to control. The truth is: it’s entirely possible and it’s entirely up to you. You don’t need excuses if you want to cheat, but you DO need to understand there are consequences. I also think you should keep in mind that while it might undo some of the effects of your detox, it doesn’t mean the experience was for nothing. I know all the ways I feel better and will continue to feel better as I stick with the changes I’ve made in this round of Whole30.

I choose to continue on this path using the insight I’ve gained, and I recognize that drinking occasionally will be an acceptable part of that path for me once my Whole30 is done. I choose to move on. If you ARE doing the Whole30 now, DON’T use my experience (or anyone else’s for that matter) to justify your indulgences because you’re tired of it and really want an excuse to cave. I don’t want that for you because doing a 100% complete Whole30 is AWESOME. Do it 100%, at least once. But, if you cheat, let it go. I’ll take my 90-something percent and be happy for it, this time.

xo Miwa




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