Help I’ve fallen and I ‘think’ I can’t get up!

Help I’ve fallen and I ‘think’ I can’t get up!

Today I would like to talk to you about some steps to take when you doing great on your weight loss journey and for whatever reason you fell and you fell hard. To the point you ‘think’ you can’t get up.

  1. Forgive yourself

This one is big; because lets face it loosing weight is HARD. Besides just the physical activity that goes into losing weight, this journey often causes a lot of emotional confrontations to arise. Many things you do out of habit are subconscious; and take serious energy to change. That’s exhausting to be thinking about. This means really forgive yourself for your misstep. Give yourself a hug! You are human and you are doing great!

  1. What just happened?

Take some time to yourself and think about what just happened. Think about what triggered your spiral? Was it a vacation, a party, a work stress, or a family stress? Was your schedule shifted? Did you meet your goal weight and reward yourself with old habits (guilty!)? Sit with this question for some time. Get out a piece of paper and a pencil and write down what happened. IMPORTANT STEP: write down a way you think you could fix it next time. What is a realistic solution that can help you avoid this spiral? How can you become better?

  1. Redefine your why

We have so much going on in our lives! We are all busy people. Sometimes the reasons WHY changes while you’re on your journey, and you need to redefine it.

Make it clear in your mind why you are on this journey. Just answer the question: WHY?

  1. Set new goals

With your WHY in mind set some goals. You probably did this when you started but maybe you reached those goals (congrats!) or maybe they were unrealistic or maybe they just didn’t work for you. Sit down and write down some goals. Write down a big ultimate goal (anything you truly want) AND THEN write down small goals that will help you reach your big goal. The only rule is they must be measurable. What I mean by that is if your goal is to drink more water – that is extremely vague. Make it a set amount. Example: My goal is to drink 80oz of water a day.

  1. START!

The final step in this is to START!

Start Now.
Pick one of your small goals and do it.

Tell a friend or Facebook or tell your spouse you are moving forward and starting.

You got this.

Get going!


I’m a wife, mother, and scientist. Between having my kid and obtaining my Ph.D my confidence was shot. I’m currently on a journey of self discovery that I look forward to sharing my real-life experience so I can help others. I’ve been working with Miwa and Coley because they understand that weight loss is beyond diet and exercise. It runs deeper then that. Come with me! I’m looking forward to helping you find YOUR balance, empowerment and positivity through non-judgement self experimentation. ~Candice Wike, Ph.D

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