Healthy Travel Tips by Beach Girl Coley

Healthy Travel Tips by Beach Girl Coley


Summer is here and that means vacations and travel for a lot of us! Which is so much fun but can also sometimes derail your fitness plan and healthy eating big time. Coach Miwa and I have put together some of our favorite travel tips to help you stay on track no matter where you venture to this summer.

First, let’s talk about my favorite subject, food! Food is so much fun on vacation because you get to try all kinds of new restaurants and fun, local fare. Here is our list for staying on track, while sampling all the new goodies!

  1.       Pack snacks! Treat yourself to some yummy protein bars, dried fruit, nuts, and sparkling bottled water. Having these on hand while getting to and from your destination, plus while you are out and about will keep you from downing unhealthy gas station and airport snacks.
  2.       Get a place with a kitchen or at least a fridge (most hotels have fridges they can put in your room if you request it).  Staying with relatives? Awesome, they have an entire kitchen for you to use!
  3.       Go to the grocery store first. Ask your taxi driver, or use your GPS on your phone, and stop by a grocery store on your way to where you are staying. Pick up fresh fruit and veggies, pre made salads, hard boiled eggs, whatever looks yummy to have on hand for a quick breakfast/lunch/snack. Staying with family? Grab the ingredients for you to cook them a healthy dinner one night!
  4.       Do your research! Google is awesome, use it. Before you even leave, google menus and “healthy eating (name of destination)” That way you are prepared with where to go and an idea of what you want when you’ve  been playing too long and the “hangry – I’ll eat anything sets in”!

Now onto my second favorite subject, adventuring! No matter where you are going, there is a way to stay active while you are there, here is a list of some of our favorite ways to make that happen.

  1.       Use your travel workout. We give it to you week one for a reason, that way you will have it your entire program to use as a resource when on the go. Don’t have time for the whole thing? The 7 minute standing workout you get in week 2 to work some of those poolside drinks off will work too!
  2.       Call ahead or ask the front desk when you get there what kinds of amenities the hotel/resort has available to you to keep you moving. Bike rentals, canoeing/kayaking/paddle boating, a gym on property, nature trails, or a pool more than likely there is something available to keep you active.
  3.       Plan a family sport day. Grab your sweetie or your whole crew and sign up for a tennis/golf/racquetball/surfing/rock climbing lesson. Those are some fun memories waiting to be made!
  4.       Take advantage of new scenery and go for a run or walk on the beach, a hike through the mountains, a walk to your aunt’s favorite park, or stand up paddle boarding on a local lake.
  5.       Do your research! Google local gyms, look up fun classes workout classes. Some beach yoga, or SUP Pilates, or Zumba classes where you definitely won’t know anyone to embarrass yourself in front of can be a great time.

Our biggest tip: ENJOY YOURSELF! Use some of these, all of these, none of these, it’s all good. Have a great time, and take pictures to share with us! xo Coley & Miwa

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