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  • December 8, 2016
    The Power of Om.

    We did a group challenge last week that included meditating daily. The only “challenge” for most of us in this was just to make time forย ourselves to sit down and do it. One thing I found

    Miwa Fiore
  • July 19, 2016
    Healthy Travel Tips by Beach Girl Coley

    Hey! Summer is here and that means vacations and travel for a lot of us! Which is so much fun but can also sometimes derail your fitness plan and healthy eating big time. Coach Miwa and I have put tog

    Miwa Fiore
  • December 14, 2015
    9 Holiday Party Tips to Stay Healthy This Season!

    I look forward to the holidays as much as the next person, but sometimes holiday parties can include a whole spread of food items that I don’t choose to eat. Even if you do decide to indulge in

    Coach Miwa
  • June 17, 2015
    Give Up… On Perfection!

    I think we’ve all heard the saying, “Don’t Let Perfect Be The Enemy of Good”, but this is AMAZINGLY good advice for anyone on a health and fitness journey. It’s tempting,

    Coach Miwa