Simple shifts, swaps, and steps for a healthy & fit you!

“. . .we all want the same thing out of fitness: we want to feel good in our skin . . . ” – Miwa

I gained 50lbs during my first pregnancy and while I was thrilled to bring our amazing daughter into the world, it was hard to look at the body I was left with afterward. I wanted my body back ASAP, but was feeling so discouraged and deflated about my state of fitness that the thought of going to a traditional gym setting was the LAST thing I wanted to do. I couldn’t stand the idea of walking into a space where I might feel judged for my appearance,

so I decided to create a NEW space where I could workout and actually feel good about myself on my way back to health and fitness.

I created Bikini Bootcamp Jax out of my desire to create a welcoming environment where women could workout comfortably and be applauded for all the efforts they were making versus feeling they were “not good enough”. Looking back, I don’t think the name choice, “Bikini Bootcamp” conveys the warm welcome you receive upon joining our programs or coming to a class, but it did convey this idea that we all want the same thing out of fitness: we want to feel good in our skin, whether that means sporting a bikini or rocking those skinny jeans.

The desire to feel good in our skin is the common thread for the women we work with and so is the reality that we’re all busy juggling careers, family, and social lives. No one has the time or energy to spend all day at the gym or preparing food, not to mention the desire to do so! All of our programs and guides keep the modern woman at heart (because we ARE you!). We’ve created easy to follow processes to help you chip away at your fitness goals every single day so that you can create the healthy, trim body you want; one simple SHIFT, SWAP, and STEP at a time!

I want to show you that the fitness game doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing prospect. You TRULY CAN create a body you feel proud of with the time you have available, all by making small changes over time that add up to fantastically, BIG results!

Bikini Bootcamp - Jax

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Are you in the Jacksonville area? We’d love you to come check out the next in-person Bootcamp! All classes are held at Focus Fitness in Jacksonville Beach. Calorie crushing workouts, nutrition tips, and an amazing community of welcoming women are what you’ll find at Bikini Bootcamp Jax.

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Want to get the workouts, nutritional guidance, and group support of Bikini Bootcamp- ONLINE?? Here it is!! Everything you need to create the shifts, swaps, and action steps for that fit body you want, delivered through our partner in fitness, Fitocracy. Join a supportive team and have daily access to your coaches to create your game plan- NOW!

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