BBQ Tips by Beach Girl Coley

BBQ Tips by Beach Girl Coley


We are all probably headed to some sort of cookout this weekend. Whether it’s a huge neighborhood block party or one way more chill and child friendly in your backyard, we can all use some tips to avoid over doing it this weekend. Here is our list of ways to make this holiday a little healthier:


First up, food:

  1. Bring a healthy dish. If you don’t cook, don’t worry! You can still bring watermelon, a veggie tray, or guacamole. All healthy crowd pleasers.
  2. Dish up your own plate, that way you control if you eat 1 scoop of potato salad or 3.
  3. When dishing your plate, fill it with the healthier options first, that way there is less room for the unhealthy options.
  4. Do you always bring the mac-n-cheese to the family get togethers? Sub out an unhealthy ingredient for a healthy one (non-fat plain greek yogurt instead of sour cream, grass fed butter in place of margarine). That way, you can maintain tradition while still making healthier choices.


Now for tips to keep from overdoing it with liquid libations:

  1. Alternate your alcoholic beverages with bottles of water.
  2. Make a spritzer. Mix your wine with soda water to lighten the impact to your blood sugar and metabolism. This also works great to lighten up cocktails made with juice!
  3. Drink only water or soda water with fruit on the side.  I know, not as fun, but definitely healthier. 😉
  4. Eat! Wait, what? Alcohol effects your blood sugar and metabolism big time, and eating protein and fat while drinking slows down your body’s absorption and levels out your blood sugar.  Eating lessens the effects of the alcohol on your body.


You have a whole day of fun in the sun, that leaves so much time for activities:

  1. Have a pool, lake, or ocean nearby? Hop in and go for a swim!
  2. Crank up the tunes and start a dance party!
  3. Go retro! Start a game of tag, or limbo, or “Mother May I?” (Mother may I do five burpees?)
  4. At a party where none of those work? Mingle! Standing and walking around to say hi gets your steps in!


Most importantly, have a blast!


Have a Happy, Healthy 4th of July, Everybody! 🙂 Beach Girl Coley 

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